SEALTECH Creates Future with
Trust and Technology

SEALTECH Co., Ltd., which took its first step in the vacuum sealing parts manufacturing industry starting with "Fluoride Chemical Korea" in 1986, entered the semiconductor industry in the 1990s when it succeeded in localizing FFKM O-ring, which was only dependent on foreign products. In 2000, the company changed its name to the current (SEALTECH Co., Ltd.) and developed and produced vacuum sealing products essential for industries such as semiconductors and displays. With 36 years of know-how and continuous technological development, Seal Tech Co., Ltd. is currently located as the best vacuum sealing parts manufacturer in Korea and is further reborn as a global vacuum sealing parts manufacturer.



Through continuous development of manufacturing technology, SEALTECH Co., Ltd. will secure profits and contribute to customers' profits through strict quality standards.We will secure high-tech technologies to provide solutions to customers and contribute to the development of the industry through steady new business development.







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