Sealtech Co., Ltd. is based on the management philosophy of “Creating customer value with first-class technology and service”
“Customer satisfaction based on quality in planning and implementing all production activities to realize increase”
as the basic policy,
and based on this basic policy, Establish and operate an appropriate quality management system.

To this end, all employees must comply with the following shall.

One,  all executives and employees must comply with the requirements related to our company's quality management system
and conduct quality management Continuously improve the effectiveness of the system.

ISO 9001 / KS A 9001 requirements, customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and
We comply with the prescribed requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

One,  we set quality goals and do our best to achieve them.

Our company has a quality policy including customer requirements for products and consistent quality goals.
established and periodically reviewed.

Quality goals should be established so as to be measurable based on the basic policy of
“improvement of customer satisfaction based on quality”.

In addition, all executives and staff should strive to achieve the quality goal.

One, understand the quality policy and actively promote it.

The quality policy must be understood by all executives and employees, and when implementing the quality management system,
You will have to deal with the work based on this quality policy.
Also, partner companiesWe should strive to satisfy customers by promoting our company's quality policy.

First, the quality policy is periodically reviewed to match the business purpose of our company.